About FaB Lounge

Fran and Barbara (FaB) are friends who share a passion for traveling the globe, experiencing world culture and traditions. Their journey has led them to discover unique, high-quality, artistic products enriched in heritage. FaB Lounge creates and curates comforting pieces for your home and body, sharing international gems with the like-minded nomads of the City of Angels and beyond.

Fran and Barbara, hailing from careers of design and photography, and having raised 4 amazing children between them, attest, FaB Lounge sells only organic material, hand–crafted to inspire with LOVE.

Fran and Barbara recognize the importance of value and ease of use with their products. Our merchandise makes you feel as though you’ve created a spa Lounge in your home.

We bring you Globally Inspired goods, as we are truly inspired by all people and cultures of this earth.